Your First Choice for PCB Assembly

Need a printed circuit board assembly? Whether you are looking for PCB assembly in Hong Kong or China, including Dongguan and Shenzhen, Whitways can provide a quality solution at an affordable price. Our full range of equipment on PCB assembly is state of the art, and our philosophy of continuous investment help us to stay ahead of the industry.

Being used in a wide variety of electronic products, ensuring you have a quality printed circuit board is a must. Here at Whitways, we do everything we can to ensure the best products for our customers. Every stage of the production process, from the SMT to the wave soldering, is done using quality equipment and an expert team.

We know time is important to our customers, which is why we pride ourselves on delivering fast and efficient solutions you can trust. We have 6 SMT lines that enable us to work at a very high capacity and we are able to reach an impressive maximum speed of 0.27 of a second per chip. For any components not handled by SMT or auto insertion, our experienced and skillful workers complete the task to the highest standards.

Here at Whitways, we pride ourselves on catering to our customers’ needs and can effectively offer solutions to varying markets. Our PCB assembly services are a cut above the rest, and we are happy to discuss our production process with customers to ensure the right solution for you. If you would like to make an enquiry about PCB assembly in Shenzhen, Dongguan or other areas throughout China and Hong Kong, please get in touch with us today. Customers may contact our headquarters in Hong Kong or get in touch with one of our international offices.
  • ASM A500B (6 sets).
  • ASM A509B (2 sets).
  • Using alum wire of 1.25mil diameter.
  • Up to 0.05 mil (XY resolution).