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Are you looking for an original equipment manufacturer you can trust to provide high quality solutions? Make Whitways your first choice. Whether you require an OEM company in China, Hong Kong or beyond, we can deliver outstanding services that helps you save time and money. With exceptional experience in the industry and a wide customer base, our team is able to produce various products to suit a number of markets.

From educational toys and home security to electric fences and power solutions, we are your one stop destination for high quality manufacturing services. Handling the entire production process all the way up to the final packaging, we are one of your most trusted and reliable OEM companies. Dongguan, Shenzhen or even international, no matter where you are or what you require, we can provide an effective solution for you.

Ensuring the best quality every time

When you are searching for an OEM company in Hong Kong, China or beyond, you want to ensure the team you trust has the capacity to deliver products of the highest standards. Here at Whitways, customer satisfaction and the safety of our employees are of the utmost importance. That is why we have created outstanding facilities that enables our team to safely and effectively carry out each production job to the highest standards.

Whether it is printed circuit board assembly, IP cameras, optical communications or even pet controls, our material management, organized facilities, quality equipment and trained staff will ensure your manufacturing job is completed to perfection. As well as delivering your products in a timely and cost effective manner, we ensure they are made to perfection with automated and manual testing throughout the manufacturing process.

If you are looking for OEM companies in Shenzhen, Dongguan or surrounding areas, please get in touch with Whitways today to discuss your manufacturing needs.
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